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When IT matters

Parisa Technologies is a software solutions provider established in 2003. It delivers information and communication technology services for UK, EU and North American organisations.

We offer our clients honest transparent advice and services based on our experience developing for the commercial and non-for-profit sectors.

We adhere to the following principles to deliver our mission:

Understanding our customers

We, at Parisa, prioritise understanding the aims and requirements of our customers to ensure our solutions reach their full potential.


Parisa Technologies has in-depth knowledge of Microsoft technologies. We develop software for both end users and other software houses.

Great people only

Parisa Technologies is a community of professional, talented, and bright people who are really easy to work with.

Act globally

Our international experience enables us to be at the leading edge of business and technology.


Parisa Technologies is proud to be associated with Microsoft – one of the world’s most successful software development companies. By using their software tools and development practices we ensure that all our customers automatically obtain the benefits of websites and software created using some of the world’s most widely used, well tested and easily supported software development platforms. Thanks to this, the technology we deploy is often at the forefront of the innovation, and easy to support and maintain.

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Mobile Apps

Cross-platform mobile applications

Software Solutions Design, Development and Deployment

Software Solutions Design, Development and Deployment

IT Consultancy

We can help manage your implementation of new and replacement software systems.