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Software Solutions Design, Development and Deployment

Web Applications

Our websites range from simple brochure sites that can be updated by non-technical users to comprehensive online systems integrated with third party back-end databases and systems. Broadly we classify systems in the three categories below:

    • Content management system (CMS)
    • E-commerce
    • Custom web development

Desktop Applications

Successful organisations focus on their strengths and software needs to work around your processes and not the other way around. Unique enhancements to off-the-shelf software system or bespoke systems can be the best way to increase efficiency.

Our team of business analysts are trained on being able to understand and document your exact business requirements. Once these requirements are transformed into detailed technical specification, our developers are able to build and deliver a software system tailored to your exact needs.

We create applications using Microsoft tools and practices – one of the world’s largest and most successful software development company. These tools are widely used internationally, therefore you can be assured that whatever system we create can be maintained and supported cost effectively.

Data Processing and Content Administration

Our team of professional data administrators can maintain your databases or administer content for complex websites/information systems. They have years of experience working with our partners in UK & Europe and can guarantee timely responses, high quality of work and confidentiality of information. We also offer following software quality control, IT audit and evaluation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A great website is nothing without visitors. Most people use online search engines like Google or Yahoo to find your site. We can help ensure that your company is listed consistently.

Our SEO team constantly study and research requirements required by the world’s major search engines. They can evaluate your website and advise on the measures needed to improve its search engine positioning. We can help you to implement those measures on your website and monitor and improve your listing.

Mobile Apps

We can create great mobile apps for your business for Android and iOS devices.

IT Consultancy

We can also help manage your implementation of new and replacement software systems.